• Image of Angel Cards

Thesa cards are perfect for framing; a single art card with a hand drawn and painted little angel on a delicate pale background. The line drawing is in gold glitter gel pen on fine Fabriano paper, really a pleasure to send and receive. This is an actual painting, rather than a print, and so none of the Angel cards are quite the same. The torn edges of the heavy paper are all unique, too.

I will send you one of my Angels ~ if you'd like a particular one, please do contact me.

The inside is blank for any personal message; for all sorts of reasons you may want to send one of these tiny Angels. For Sympathy, a Birth, I Love You, Thank You, a Baptism, Get Well, Bereavement, Empathy, for Congratulation, Missing You ... we all have someone we know who would love an Angel in their life.

The Fabriano paper cards are mould-made (instead of machine made) paper, with a torn, not cut, edge so the overall look is definitely handmade.

Card dimensions: 11.5 x 17 cm, (approx 4.5 x 6.75 inches)
Torn paper dimension with drawing on: about 4 x 6 cm (and a little less than 2 x 2.5 inches) All a bit random, as I tear them individually.

Each card and envelope is protected by a clear cellophane bag for posting or mailing.