I paint on silk or on calico and tear the resulting fabrics into strips or ribbons and sew them in varying densities onto calico to make very interesting tactile cushions for bed or sofa, indoors or out. Originally made to adorn the four poster bed in my open air home in the warm tropics, friends from around the world have asked me to make cushions for them, too. They are now available, in limited quantities, here at Beach House Blues. 

If you have a particular palette that you'd like to work with, contact me and we'll see what we can do. We can make all sorts of shapes and sizes, use feather fillings if you prefer and work with your own ideas too. In the pipeline are curtains, again, simple designs, as well as little rugs and mats of the same torn-ribbon style. At home, we call it Rip Technology!

The calico cushions are hard wearing, and my own silk pillows have been with me for years, both softening gently with time ... as one does!