• Image of Calico cushions ~

Hand painted calico in coral colours, torn into ribbons and sewn in rows to form a tactile ruffled surface ~ some shades are like the inside of a sun-bleached crab shell. Densely packed or spaced apart, no two ribbons are the same ... just like the pebbles on the beach. Each cushion is individually made and totally unique.

Designed to use indoors or out, the cushions will soften and fade with time, like a favourite pair of jeans ~

'Ripple' has densely packed ribbons and 'Horizon' has spaced-apart ribbons; each design is priced accordingly. The nature of the torn ribbons means a little 'grooming' may be needed to remove an occasional stray thread as the cushions mellow~

Other colours, sizes and shapes can be made to order in any of the styles ~ do contact me to discuss bespoke possibilities.

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